Glass Resort provides premium accommodation in Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland.

Glass Resort is nestled amidst the natural beauty of the Arctic Circle, far away from everyday worries. Yet the activities, attractions and services of Santa Claus Village lie only a minute’s walk away.

Northern nature constantly present

The Premium Glass Apartments offer a luxurious alternative to enjoying the spectacular northern skies and natural phenomena like the Aurora Borealis, relaxing in a hot tub or snuggling in bed.

– Nature gives us a place to calm down and get active. It’s also the source of ingredients for our food and building materials. It’s present in all that we do and are, and that’s what makes Lapland unique, says Glass Resort CEO, mr. Petri Palkinen.

Pure northern nature unfolds from the doorstep in Glass Resort: its soothing effect can be felt not only outdoors, but inside the apartments through the large window walls.

The world’s cleanest air has been measured in Lapland.

– Our guests love the forest around, the peacefulness that gives a chance to relax and take deep breaths of fresh air – to seize the moment. I’ve heard the phrase “wish we could stay longer” more than once, Palkinen muses.

Glass Resort owner Petri Palkinen glass igloo luxury apartment with outdoor hot spa and sauna at Arctic Circle, Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Lapland
Glass Resort history and story of scandinavian design boutigue hotel glass igloo luxury apartment with outdoor hot spa and sauna at Arctic Circle, Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Lapland

Inspired by the Sámi

The shape of the glass structures is inspired by Lapland’s classic “kota” huts, designed and used by the indigenous Sámi people who lead a nomadic reindeer herder lifestyle and slept in the portable tepee-like dwellings.

Palkinen’s initial idea for Glass Resort designs sprung from family history: his great grandparents were Sámi reindeer herders.

– I wanted to honour their legacy and respect for nature with a modern version of the “kota”, he says.

Architect Paolo Caravello of VOID Architechture embraced the idea.

– The intent was to let guests experience the comfort and charm of the design while, at the same time, being visually connected to the nature outside, he says.

The dialogue between past and present was a central theme when designing Glass Resort.

– To understand our time is to understand and learn from what has been done before us. By reinterpreting themes and traditions inspired by history and local culture, we can continue developing the work that others have done before us, Caravello concludes.

Glass Resort scandinavian design boutigue hotel modern glass igloo luxury apartment with outdoor hot spa and sauna at Arctic Circle, Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Lapland
Glass Resort main building reception scandinavian design boutigue hotel modern glass igloo luxury apartment with outdoor hot spa and sauna at Arctic Circle, Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Lapland

Service-oriented family business

Glass Resort is a family business priding itself on a warm and cosy atmosphere and personal customer service. All guests are perceived as individuals with unique priorities when holidaying.

Flexibility, language skills and natural presence are keywords among staff members. Guests’ special days, as well as special needs and requirements are considered an intrinsic part of running the establishment.

– I think it comes down to the fact that we’re genuinely interested in our guests and want to make sure that every individual gets the full Glass Resort experience, Palkinen sums up.

Enjoy a premium stay at Glass Resort in Rovaniemi, the official hometown of Santa Claus in Lapland, Finland.

The apartments here are simply stunning. Simple yet very sophisticated in style, with floor to ceiling windows to soak up this magical location. The staff are very friendly and efficient. We had the half board option. There was everything you could possibly want at breakfast, and dinner was top notch too. We cannot wait to go back to do it all over again. The snowmobile safari is a must. Georgios safely guided us through everything we needed to know. The highlight of our trip though, was our husky experience. (Bearhill Husky). Breathtaking, awe inspiring, (pinch yourself) to believe that you're really travelling through this magical landscape, being pulled along by these magnificent, strong, enthusiastic and ridiculously friendly huskies. Put this trip on your bucket list!

- linzbrake, Feb 11th 2020

Huoneistot ovat upeita ja tyylikkäitä. Kaikki yksityiskohdat on hienosti mietitty. Lasikatto, joka jatkuu katosta lattiaan luo upean vaikutelman kuin olisi osa luontoa. Ikkunat ovat lämmitettäviä, joten jos lunta sataa ja haluaa näkymän auki on se mahdollista kun laittaa ikkunoiden lämmityksen päälle. Maisema on kuin taulu, joka muuttuu sään ja vuorokaudenajan mukaan. Kokonaisuuden kruunaa terassilla oleva suojaisa poreamme. Henkilökunta on ystävällistä ja palvelualtista. Monipuolinen ja herkullinen aamiainen. Kaikenpuolin upea kokemus! Suosittelen!

- 335jennyk, Jan 1st 2021

Amazing resort with a wonderful design and a full glass outdoor view from the ground to the sky at night. They have indoor sauna and a centrally heated unit. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They have an outdoor hot tub which stays at 40 degrees. A wonderful experience to soak in the hot tub in - 15 degrees temperature. It is walking distance to santa claus village where you can do many types of activities. Definitely worth the money for the experience and you must book very early to secure a slot in this resort.

- m3lvinlim Jan 13th 2020

The glass igloos were amazing, the hot tub was fantastic, the whole trip was really out of this world. Magical for the whole family, highly recommended. Dreams came true here in the magic of it all.

- CTILL69, DEC 17TH 2019 


Loved everything here. Location was perfect. Secluded yet walking distance to nearby attractions. Sauna and spa was amazing. If only the temperature could increase from 38 degrees. Another night would be perfect.

- runqiaow, Jan 20th 2020

I wanted to do something memorable for my wife’s 50th birthday..something off our bucket list..this was beyond our expectations and dreams!!! Truly magical from pick up to drop off..the attention to detail is seriously impressive.. the staff are friendly and nothing is too much many extra bits just made our stay incredible..snow mobile safari, ice restaurant experience, each apartment has a hot tub and sauna.. in seriously breathtaking scenery.. just totally awesome..There is so much to do and see...would recommend this to anyone.. don’t think just book you won’t regret it! Thank you Glass resort ?

- S3398HKjonb, Feb 10th 2020